Create your PBX in the Cloud

High in Features, Low in Cost

High in Features, Low in Cost

A PBX is a necessity for any business but expanding an existing installation and implementing new features is often expensive and time-consuming. The DXI PBX provides all the features of the most complex telephone systems as standard while requiring no extra hardware.

High in Features, Low in Cost

Voice Over IP

VoIP is now the de facto standard for modern telephone systems. Phone calls have always been in the cloud, moving your PBX to the cloud is a natural progression to remove dependancies on legacy systems. The DXI VoIP PBX allows consolidation of voice and data providing significant savings and a introducing a single point for automation.

Limitless Infrastructure

Limitless Scalability

The DXI PBX allows you to scale without size and geographic limits. You can add handsets and inbound numbers in any location to add users and offices. No traditional phone lines are required as all calls are processed in the cloud. Calls can be received from anywhere and delivered to anywhere as if received locally, whether to a home worker in London, a call centre in Scotland or a back office in India.

Limitless Infrastructure




Your customer is on the phone but you have no record of when your employees spoke to them last or what was said. Integrating your CRM with the DXI PBX allows automatic push of calling records into your databases and provides you with a permanent record of what was said in the form of a call recording.

Local Apperance

Localised Appearance

You want local offices, but also a central service desk. The DXI PBX routes local numbers from anywhere in the world directly to your service desk, all information about the call is included so your staff can respond and provide a localised look and feel.

Integrate Locations

Integrate Locations

You have multiple branch offices passing calls to each other. Not only does this incur unnecessary costs, but to automate your processes means integrating diverse PBXs in multiple locations. The DXI PBX overlays on existing handsets which means one integration and no inter-office costs transforming your whole estate in one large virtual office.


Spread the Workload

You have varying workloads by time of day in different offices, and end up with people idle when others are flat out. The DXI PBX includes built-in queuing with priority and overflow so you can treat all your resources as one wherever they are.


Hold, Park, Transfer, Conference, Divert on Busy/No Answer/Engaged/Always, Call Pickup

All the features from any handset, even on a standard home phone line.

Key Scripts

Configure one or more key presses to (for example) conference in your secretary to book an appointment whilst in your car.

Hunt Groups with overflow and timeouts

Ensure callers get answered as quickly as possible, including setups like "Twinning" to ring your desk and mobile simultaneously.

Extension side call recording

Every call recorded, even internal calls to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Unified Communications

Deliver voicemail to email, email to sms, sms to voice.

Phone logins

Enable hot-desking, and prevent unwanted usage of phones by unauthorised personnel.

Call barring for individual numbers or dial codes

Block problem callers and expensive destinations.

Fully integrated into IVR for auto attendant functionality

Add professional greetings and call routing to incoming calls.

Selectable Outbound Caller ID

People returning calls don’t have to go back to where the call came from.

Instant divert on any single or group of numbers

Divert all calls to an emergency message or number in a disaster scenario.

Out Of Hours Divert per phone, group or company

Make sure your customers are not left wondering if the phone will be answered.

On screen directories

Quick lookup of internal or external numbers (on supported phone models).

Per user portals

View history and recover call recordings to avoid forgetting important information.

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