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Communication Channels


Voice Over IP (VOIP) is now the de facto standard for modern telephone systems. Phone calls have always been in the cloud, moving your PBX to the cloud is a natural progression to remove dependencies on legacy systems. Our VOIP PBX allows consolidation of voice and data providing significant savings and introduces a single point for automation.  


If you have multiple branch offices passing calls to each other our service overlays on existing handsets which means one integration and no inter-office costs transforming your whole estate in one large virtual office. Calls can be received from anywhere and delivered to anywhere as if received locally, whether to a home worker in London, a call centre in Scotland or a back office in India.


Our service provides the tools for the automation of SMS dispatch and delivery notifications, including success and failure confirmation. This feature can be used to maximise your customer engagement  as you can also integrate it with voice to enable an inbound call from an SMS reply.


Voice broadcasting is a mass communication method that quickly and efficiently delivers messages to any phone number by simultaneously dialling thousands of people. It is becoming increasingly popular as it’s a low-cost method to perform first line contact in an emergency situation or the first step of the debt collection process and keeps your agents free to perform key tasks instead of spending time repetitively delivering the same message over and over again.

Our Services

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